Ohio Women’s Inter-City Bowling Tournament
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A Brief History: The organizational meeting to form the Ohio Women's Inter-City Bowling Tournament was held April 21, 1929 at the Buckeye Bank Auditorium in Findlay, Ohio. At this meeting, Edna Schnurr of Sandusky, OH was elected President and Cleone Walters of Findlay, OH was elected Secretary. Edna and Cleone served for 31 years as officers and decided since they had started together, they would depart together. The first Tournament was held in 1929 in Bucyrus, OH and ran for one week-end. Team event winners were Big Island Parks from Sandusky with a 2382. Doubles winners were Edna Schnurr and (?) Johnson from Sandusky with a 1021. Singles winner V. Bennett from Bucyrus with a 546. All Events was won by Ruth Satz of Sandusky with a 1542. This organization has had only 6 Presidents since 1929. They are: Edna Schnurr of Sandusky (1929-1960) Mary Wight of Sandusky (1960-1976) Katy Schwinn of Findlay (1976-1988) Elsie Spillman of Zanesville (1988-2002) Patricia Cruea of St. Paris (2002-2014) Mary Little of Marion (2014 to present)